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February 17, 2009

MIT-Harvard Quizo Night

Join young alums from MIT and Harvard for good times and Quizo (trivia) at Fergie's in Philadelphia. There will be free appetizers starting at 8; Quizo starts at 9.
Gabriel Weinberg '01 will host this Happy Hour. For more information, you may contact Gabriel at yegg@alum.mit.edu or 617-974-2456.

    Date: Tuesday, February 17th
Time: 8:00 social gathering; Quizo starts at 9:00
Location: Fergie's Pub
              1214 Sansom Street, Philadelphia 19107

Phone: 215-928-8118


Fergie's - Web site   


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February 24, 2009

The Story of the Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space TelescopeThe Hubble telescope lands in Buck County PA on February 24! (well, almost) The Hubble Space Telescope has produced the most stunning images of the cosmos humanity has ever seen. It has transformed our understanding of the universe around us, revealing new information about its age and evolution, the life cycle of stars, and the very existence of black holes, among other startling discoveries. Robert Zimmerman will take you behind the scenes of one of the most ambitious scientific instruments ever sent into space. We are pleased to again link with the Explorers Club in this joint meeting.

Robert Zimmerman is an award-winning science writer and historian whose work has appeared in Natural History, the Wall Street Journal and Astronomy, among other leading publications. His books include "Leaving Earth: Space Stations, Rival Superpowers, and the Quest for Interplanetary Travel" and "Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8."

“After World War II, astronomer Lyman Spitzer and a handful of scientists waged a fifty-year struggle to build the first space telescope capable of seeing beyond Earth's atmospheric veil. Zimmerman will explain how many of the telescope's advocates sacrificed careers and family to get it launched, and how others devoted their lives to Hubble only to have their hopes and reputations shattered when its mirror was found to be flawed. This is the story of an idea that would not die - and of the dauntless human spirit. Zimmerman, author of the new book, "The Universe in a Mirror," will describe the heated battles between scientists and bureaucrats, the perseverance of astronauts to repair and maintain the telescope, and much more. Hubble, and the men and women behind it, opened a rare window onto the universe, dazzling humanity with sights never before seen.”

Robert Zimmerman

Date: Tuesday, February, 2009

Time: 5:30 Social hour with cash bar
         6:30 Dinner
         7:30 Program

Location: Williamson Restaurant
         500 Blair Mill Road, Horsham, PA 19044
         Phone: 215-675-5454
         Map (condensed directions below)

Cost: $35 for Dues-paying Club members and their guests
        $45 for non-members and their guests

Reservations: via MIT Infinite Connection (by Wednesday, February 18):
        If you already have an Infinite Connection (IC) account use the "Login" section.
        If you don't have an IC account use the "Non IC Account Registration" button.

Club Membership -- Join or Renew on-line:

For Questions: Lucie Wilkens, 610-444-3242
         e-mail: l.s.wilkens@alum.mit.edu


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