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November 13, 2010

Cleopatra Exhibition at the Franklin Institute

CleopatraJoin fellow alums for a tour of the world premiere exhibition of “Cleopatra—The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt”. Cleopatra was one of the most fascinating women in history. Although she is commonly remembered for being beautiful, during her lifetime she was probably more well-known for her intelligence, charm, wit, and ambition. At times she even appeared ruthless. However, she took a great interest in her subjects’ welfare and knew how to win their affection. She is particularly remembered for having loved and developed loyal relationships with both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, two of the greatest Roman leaders of her day and each played a significant political role in Cleopatra’s reign as the last queen of Egypt. Caesar brought Cleopatra back into power after she had been dethroned by her brother. After Caesar’s assassination Cleopatra sided with Mark Antony and won him over ultimately hoping to keep her sons in line to reign over Rome.

This world of Cleopatra has been lost to the sea and sand for nearly 2000 years but now surfaces in this new exhibition. The exhibit was organized by National Geographic and Arts and Exhibitions International, with cooperation from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities and the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology. It features more than 100 precious artifacts and takes visitors on an incredible journey through the sands of Egypt to the depths of the Bay of Abukir near Alexandria on a search for the last Queen of Egypt.

Our ticket includes the IMAX film “Mummies” plus access to the rest of the Franklin Institute until 5:00, so you may want to arrive early or stay after the tour. Please make your reservation early, as tickets are limited.

Photos courtesy of the Franklin Institute


Date: Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time: 2:00 IMAX film: "Mummies"
         3:00 Cleopatra exhibit

Location: The Franklin Institute
         222 North 20th St., Philadelphia, PA 19106
         F. I. Web site   Directions

Cost: $25 for dues-paying Club Members and their guests
         $35 for non-members

Reservations: via MIT Infinite Connection:

Club Membership -- Join or Renew on-line:

For Questions: Lucie Wilkens, 610-444-3242
          e-mail L.S.Wilkens@alum.mit.edu

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